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Cellulite! why do we have it and how do we combat it?

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition which affects 99.9% of women, usually in buttocks, thighs, hips or abdomen. Women are more susceptible to cellulite than men, due to the numerous hormonal changes a woman’s body undergoes; including premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, menopause, puberty, even taking birth control pills.

Cellulite forms when collagen fibers break down or become too tight or too loose.  The collagen fibers connect the skin to the muscles, and are sandwiched in between layers of fat.  The combination of fat cells pushing up and collagen fibres pulling down causes the skin to look dimpled which is sometimes referred to as the orange peel effect.

Cellulite is not exclusive to people who are overweight as has been commonly believed.

Our specialized treatment can dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Women have more cellulite?

In women, collagen fibers are configured vertically.  In men, these fibers have a crisscross pattern which is effectively stronger structure, able to contain fat more securely.

Do Men and Women have the same thickness of skin?

No, men have thicker skin than women which makes it less prone to puckering.  In addition, the female body is simply genetically disposed to produce more fat.  For every nine, fat producing, alpha receptors in the female thigh’s there’s only one, fat burning, beta receptor; whereas men have a 1:1 ratio throughout their entire body.

Do hormones have any impact on cellulite?

Yes, the estrogen hormone which is dominant in women works to produce fat cells, while the testosterone hormone which is dominant in men, works to break fat down.

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