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H(igh) I(ntensity) F(ocused) U(ltrasound) HIFU


What is HIFU?

H(igh) I(ntensity) F(ocused) U(ltrasound)

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a fairly new cosmetic treatment for skin tightening considered to be a non-invasive and pain free alternative to surgical face lifts. Using ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production, resulting in firmer, tighter skin. Unlike some other methods there is no downtime associated with HIFU.

Originally used to treat tumours, HIFU was adapted for cosmetic use in late 2000. Ensuing clinical trials have found HIFU to be safe and effective for redefining wrinkles and lifting and tightening the face. Effective results were evident soon after treatment without the risks associated with surgery.  HIFU can also be used for body contouring.

How does HIFU work?

HIFU targets the layers of skin just below the surface using focused ultrasound energy which causes the tissue to heat up rapidly.  Consequently the cells in the targeted area reach a certain temperature, they experience cellular trauma. This stimulates the cells to produce more collagen which provides structure and rejuvenates the skin.  As a result the increased levels of collagen culminate in skin which is firmer, tighter and has fewer wrinkles. The HIFU is targeting specific tissue areas below the skin’s surface so there is no damage to the surrounding tissue or the skins upper layers.  Similarly to all treatments of this nature HIFU may not be suitable for everybody. The procedure tends to achieve best results for people over 30 with mild to moderate skin laxity. In the event of severely sun damaged skin or of very loose skin may need several treatments before seeing best results.

What are the benefits of HIFU?

More and more
people are seeking non-invasive treatments to combat the effects of ageing,
sagging skin. The benefits of HIFU are as follows:

  • Reduction
    of wrinkles
  • Smoother
  • Lifting
    eyebrows, eyeline and cheeks
  • Lifting
    jowls giving a more defined jawline
  • Tightening
    sagging skin on the neck and décolletage

During her many years as an aesthetics practitioner and having treated a wide spectrum of client issues, Linda has gained a depth of knowledge which she puts to good effect when finding the solution.

The Avant Aesthetics Clinic Ltd HIFU device has specific, bespoke adaptations as requested by Linda, to match the requirements of our clients.   As a result we can offer the best outcomes for a wider range of clients.

Full Face£499
Back of Hands£250
Upper Arms£400
Upper Legs£600

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