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Mesotherapy Fat Dissolving Treatment is here

Mesotherapy fat dissolving treatment is here, and guess what? It works!!

Fat Dissolving Mesotherapy is a process whereby the product, made up of several constituent parts which together, when injected, target and dissolve localised fat deposits.

Phosphatidylcholine (Lecithin) is a principal constituent of cell membranes and lipoproteins circulating in the blood. It dissolves the fat stored in the adipocytes or fat cells, allowing it to be absorbed and carried away, making it the ideal solution for eliminating localised fat deposits.

Deoxycholic acid is used in the reduction of localised fat.

L-carnatine occurs naturally in the body transports fatty deposits to be burned up by the body’s metabolism and used as energy. (Fat Burner)

Organic silica is a structural element of the connective tissue which rehydrates, renews and regenerates the cells by stimulating and regulating the proliferation of fibroblasts, improving the synthesis of collagen and promoting the regeneration of elastic fibres.  It also helps keep the epidermis hydrated, strengthening and firming the skin, acting as an antioxidant and preventing premature ageing.

Fat Dissolving Mesotherapy is recommended for people of normal weight or slightly over weight who have localised areas of fat and for people wishing to optimise and maintain the results of fat reduction treatments like non surgical liposuction.

Target areas for Fat Dissolving Mesotherapyinclude double chin, abdominal folds, upper arms, saddle bags, body contour, thighs, buttocks, knees and waist.  The treatment also dissolves lipomas and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

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